About Us

At Station Road we believe that keeping young minds active and engaged will give them an advantage as they grow. Early teaching in a fun and supportive environment gives children the building blocks for learning they need as they enter school and continue to learn throughout their life.

Station Road is a registered non-profit corporation and is fully licensed by the Ministry of Education. Originally founded by parent volunteers in 1971, our nursery school has been a vital part of the community and children's lives for more than 40 years.


Station Road is a co-operative nursery school with a unique partnership between parents, pre-school children, their teachers and the community. Parent involvement can be as rewarding for the parents as it is for the children. You can choose to be a participating parent by nominating yourself and being selected for a Board Position or a semi-participating parent by selecting one of the tasks essential to the running of the school such as grocery shopping, craft preparer, etc.


Station Road realizes that not every family can contribute in the same way. At the beginning of each school year a number of non-participating spaces will be available. Tuition fees for these children are higher, reflecting the value of the work done by other parents in the co-operative.


Due to the potential for nut allergies and the severity of these reactions we enforce a nut-aware environment. They are not allowed in snacks or lunches, and are not used in arts and crafts projects. This policy benefits the health and safety of the children in our program.

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